Panic Room (2002)

panic room

Panic Room (2002)

Panic Room is a film directed by David Fincher, starring Jodie Foster and Forrest Whitaker. A mother (Jodie Foster) and daughter (Kristen Stewart) move into a new Manhattan home after Foster’s recent divorce. However, this isn’t an ordinary home. It has a hidden gem. The house contains a custom panic room in the master bedroom.

The film begins to take a turn for the worse as three men break in -the main man being Forrest Whitaker. With survival in mind mother and daughter take shelter in the panic room.

The room features 4-inch steel walls, a sliding metal door, and a high-tech surveillance system. It also has a phone and backup emergency supplies. Hoping to find a missing fortune-several methods were used to try and break in. All methods fail.

Consultants on the Movie Panic Room

American Saferoom Door Company – now Saferoom – were consultants on Panic Room and received in the credits a special thanks for their work. Because of the high quality of panic room that Saferoom builds, their consulting work primarily consisted of creating fictional vulnerabilities in the panic room the movie is centered around. These fictional weaknesses included:

  • The motion beams, while they exist, are not installed in multiple sets as is shown in the movie, and in fact are eliminated entirely specifically so that intruders can’t use them to open the door.
  • Blowing toxic gas into the panic room, as featured in the movie, wouldn’t have worked, as Saferoom utilizes various means of preventing intrusive gasses with positive pressure or separate ventilation.
  • Jodie Foster’s character would never have had to leave the room for her daughter’s medication – Saferoom always recommends that emergency supplies and medications are stored in the panic room as a part of backup supplies.
  • The biggest discrepancy – which is where Saferoom specializes most – is how the intruders figured out there was a panic room at all. In the movie, they quickly realize the hallway is longer than the adjacent bedroom. However, Saferoom’s way of building doors and panic rooms into existing rooms rather than as separate rooms allows multiple uses of the same room, thereby eliminating the possibility the floor plan will give away a location.


Having a panic room built into your house can help mitigate any security breaches or cases of home invasion safely and efficiently. In these situations, having a safe place in your home where you can retreat to and put yourself out of harm’s way is pivotal. Safe rooms provide a reliable option if you are concerned about armed robbers, burglars, and other criminals who may be targeting your estate. Panic rooms are a great security solution that will keep your family safe, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

At Saferoom, we have been working as panic room builders and consultants for more than 15 years. Our team was responsible for developing the safe room concept used in the critically acclaimed motion picture Panic Room. Our engineers’ knowledge and expertise were a crucial part of the panic room movie development as they provided invaluable insights that helped the project become a success.

Panic rooms make a great addition to any home, regardless of their size or layout. Not only do they provide protection for you and your loved ones, but safe rooms can also be used as a storage option for valuable belongings and family heirlooms. They are great options to store valuable paintings, jewelry, important documents, cash, or any other expensive or precious belonging. A panic room can help you safeguard these belongings while keeping you and your family out of harm’s way.

Building a panic room is not only about putting together four thick walls. In order to build an effective safe room, you need to keep in mind a set of key details that will make it a secure place. A good locking mechanism is important, but great panic rooms will also take into consideration things like accessibility (for you), having a surveillance system inside the panic room, and depending on a reliable and secure power source.

Although panic rooms are designed for safety, they should also provide a level of comfort as you may have to stay in them for hours or even days. It’s important to have good air circulation in place to keep fresh air coming into the room. Also, keep in mind that you will need to have functioning plumbing inside the safe room. Lastly, all good panic rooms should be equipped with emergency supplies, food rations, and back up medication for several days.

One thing you always need to remember is that communication is key for a safe room to be effective. We create panic rooms that are equipped with emergency communication, without sacrificing quality. By combining the highest quality materials, innovative techniques, and years of experience, we are able to provide secure panic rooms that deliver the ultimate level of security each and every time they are used.

Saferoom provides custom doors and panic rooms that protect what you value the most. Cutting-edge security technology provides discreet protection for secure storage or personal protection in the event of an intrusion or threat of violence.