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Every 18 seconds a break-in occurs.
We don’t like those odds, either.

At Saferoom, we understand the multitude of fears that weigh on your mind daily.
Our clients approach us with concerns such as…

The constant worry of break-ins

Leaks of confidential data

Instability from political turbulence

Domestic violence and threats

Need to meet strict security standards

Risk of losing invaluable items


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Saferoom specializes in crafting highly secured safe room doors meticulously engineered to protect you.
Made in the USA
United Nations Trusted
UL Certified
Established since 1981

Safe Room Door Manufacturer

We'll work with you to keep you—and your valuables—safe.

As your ally, we believe in creating a fortified space where both you and your valuables can withstand a substantial threat. We collaborate with you to ensure every detail is considered for your safety.

Initial Consultation

We take the time to understand your concerns and requirements, ensuring that your panic room is custom-tailored to meet your needs.

Get A Custom Door For Your Space

Saferoom doors are custom-built, ballistic force UL-rated doors that are manufactured to fit your specific dimensions.

Security in Your Moment of Need

When we say secure, we mean it. From emergency supplies to communication tools, we help you equip your safe room with everything you need.


There's Peace In Protection

A Word From the COO

Hi, I’m Garett Winn, COO of Saferoom. We have been in this industry since 1981, and let me tell you, the world hasn't gotten any safer. You've got viable threats, your clients to protect, and a slew of worries like home invasions and kidnappings. To address this, you want a form of protection that's state-of-the-art but also feels like home.
"Though we never reveal the identity of our clients, we advise many prominent public figures. Providing a safe place to wait out an intrusion emergency is always a key part of any safety plan. No firm has done more research, development, and actual installations than Saferoom."

Gavin de Becker

Gavin de Becker & Associates, Senior Fellow, UCLA School of Public Affairs, Senior Advisor to the Rand Corporation, Best-selling author
"I cannot emphasize enough how wonderful SAFEROOM is! They are very professional and the quality of their product is exceptional!"

Nan Meltzer

Design and Build, Inc
"Securing a client’s luxury condominium in a less-than-safe Central American locale became much easier after being introduced to Saferoom. Totally professional, from initial consultation to design and fabrication. If you are looking for real security, these are your guys."

William M. Besse, CHS-V

Vice President | Consulting, Investigations & International, Andrews International Inc.
"Saferoom has done five complicated and detail-oriented installations for us over the last four years. Always professional, prompt and accurate, on time and well thought out with regards to site conditions. I won’t go to anyone else."

Glenn Goodman

GGD, Inc.
"We always go to Saferoom, first and foremost when it comes to ballistic upgrades on any of our projects. They are the foremost intellect in our industry. Equipped with their state-of-the-art custom workshop, almost any desired design can be realized!"

Colin Travis

Associate Director of Business Development The Luxury Division – Security Beyond Imagination
Man hiding behind SAFEROOM door

Preparedness Isn't Paranoia

How Safe Are You?

In today's world, safety isn't a given. Whether it's the unsettling news stories or concerns about home invasions and data breaches, these issues may seem distant—until they're right at your doorstep. It's easy to overlook our vulnerabilities, so the question remains: How prepared are you?

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After shop drawings are complete, our team will coordinate the installation and provide thorough training on your new Saferoom security system.

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