Podcast Guest

This is Doctoring Up Design, the official Design Hardware podcast. I’m Josh Cooperman and today we are continuing our conversation about safety and security in residential design. This topic is not being discussed to scare you or to make anyone uncomfortable. To the contrary, there are a few ideas here that are extremely important and incredibly timely.

Simple Living Interview

What are 1 to 2 major things that are new in building codes and how do they affect home building? Find out in this Simple Living interview.
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Film Consultant

Along with world-renowned security consultant and best-selling author, Gavin de Becker, the Saferoom team developed the safe room concept utilized in the 2002 hit motion picture Panic Room, starring Jodie Foster. We were honored to have served as technical consultants on this project.

United Nations Safety Provider

Garett Winn, COO of Saferoom, in front of the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. Saferoom was entrusted with the installation of the last layer of protection within the UN building; safeguarding the world’s highest ranking UN Officials.